Performed at The Little Church and Liberty Hall, October 2008
When Maxine, an aspiring songwriter, and her slightly more pragmatic brother Perry move to Junction City in 1890 in search of blossoming opportunity, they are quickly forced to realize the difficulty of building a dream on financial disparity and social unrest. In the midst of city-wide strikes, brutal murders, and a flowering music scene, Maxine turns to a man who claims to hold the power to her success. He is a writer of grim tales, always set to the late-century beat. Nobody knows his name… he simply goes by Rumpelstiltskin.

Performed at Hipbone Studios and The Hope Theatre, April 2010
As the United States reels forward towards open hostilities with Germany and Japan, a young man embarks on a journey of his own, accompanied by his new friend Blue. His name is Pinocchio and he is the son of a wealthy investor. On his adventure, he explores the relationship between war and business, the super-wealthy and the working poor, “free-market” capitalism and democracy. Will our triumph over fascism truly lead us in the direction of freedom? Or will it simply transfer the reigns of power to yet a new world empire?

Performed at Liberty Hall and The Pocket Playhouse Theatre, May 2009
A live 1940’s-styled radio show, examining the conflict between capitalism and our environment. In this variety show, featuring a charming twist on Hansel and Gretel, swinging tunes, and an up-to-date analysis on our spiral towards environmental collapse, we posit this question: “If capitalism requires infinite growth and the resources of the earth are not infinite… then how can our economy and our ecosystem co-exist indefinitely?”