Of Scary Ghosts Stories and Tales of the Glories
A FREE Christmas Fable

Clinton Street Theater

December 11, 2010

Free Admission

Borrowing from a rich heritage of holiday themes, The Free Theatre of Portland is back with an original tale. It is Portland, 1934, and Ed Stevens is struggling to keep his family inn afloat amid economic collapse. When Ed becomes unhinged due to the untimely arrival of his certifiably insane brother-in-law, he is confronted by another figure: a ghost, exhumed from nineteenth century England to teach Ed a lesson. But that’s not all! The apparition brings with him also a traveling band of musicians and dancers, magicians and conjurors, each with their own special act! The show is filled with music, both Christmas traditionals and original pieces, and it’s sure to keep your feet a’tapping. It’s hilarious and frightening and certain to entertain folk of all ages. And it’s a one-time opportunity that you do not want to miss!